Media 360 Partners serves as an integrated advisor and access point for advertising agencies and clients seeking to create value and return on investment from advertising on our "best-in-class" platform partners in digital media and advanced television. We offer management and representation of reliable solutions that help clients direct unique messages to consumers wherever they live, work or play.

Media 360 Partners’ principal and founder is Court Shannon who leads the firm with a vision driven by extensive experience in media and entertainment garnered over the last 25 years. He has been involved with groundbreaking changes and advancements in technology and content starting with the VCR and Jane Fonda's Workout, Video Gaming Systems, the DVR, and now Interactive and Advanced TV. He has acquired domain knowledge that delivers a level of expertise not only on the platform side, but also on the marketing and advertising side.

Today, Court oversees the company in the management and advisement of a select group of "best in class" advanced media platforms including TiVo, Rovi, Hotel Networks, Verifone Media, and Cablevision that reach more than 50 million homes and can deliver over a billion impressions a day.