Verifone Media Services:

VeriFone Media combines the wide reach of traditional out-of-home on taxis (Taxi Tops) with the highly targeted delivery of the VeriFone Digital Network (VNET in taxis, at gas stations, and in c-stores). Combined, we deliver over 1.5 billion daily impressions in traditional out-of-home plus 100 million monthly digital impressions across 25 U.S. markets and the U.K.

Rovi IPG:

Interactive Programming Guide advertising, company formerly known as TV Guide


The only DVR platform worldwide with complete interactive advertising capabilities that counterbalance and leverage fast-forwarding


Cablevision is the leader in Advanced TV services and advertising for the NY metropolitan market with capabilities including addressable advertising, exclusive iVOD content showcases, T commerce, and telescoping TV ads.

DMA (Designated Market Area):

A media market, broadcast market, or media region where the population is exposed to the same or similar television and radio offerings, newspaper-content, and Internet-delivered or digital out of home media. This content can coincide or overlap with 1 or more metropolitan areas.

Advanced TV:

TV advancements that include an array of features enabled by digital technology, including time shifting, addressability, interactivity and interoperability

Advanced Media:

The entire category of the latest innovations in forms of digital media that incorporate advanced interactive features, enabling consumers to be targeted and/or opt in to deeper viewing experiences

Interactive Tags:

Tags that are seamlessly embedded in traditional TV ads, enabling consumers to request more information or access a promotion with one click of the remote

Ad Platforms:

The actual system used by companies to deploy their advertising vehicles to consumers including TV, Advanced TV, Digital Out of Home and more


Electronic cost per thousand; The cost basis of media for electronic forms of advertising.

TiVo Central:

TiVo’s home page which viewers use as the gateway to their TV viewing experience as well as the entry point for viewers to access everything a TiVo can offer

Interactive Programming Guide:

Rovi’s on-screen TV programming guide that allows consumers to gain access to tailored TV program listings and entertainment content

Dynamic Portal:

The portal that prompts consumers to spend time with a brand by incorporating video, graphics and interactive content that is content-rich and customizable


Advertising experience where consumers can opt-in to a brand or product in order to spend time with the advertisement and connect in a deeper and more impactful manner

Season Pass:

The extremely popular TiVo feature that enables viewers to record an entire season of a show with one click of the remote

T Commerce:

Transactional TV commerce where consumers can purchase products directly through the television viewing experience with a remote

TEN - Taxi Entertainment Network:

Unique digital out-of-home ad network that involves the deployment use of video screens in Taxi cabs in six desirable DMA’s across the U.S.

Lenticular Taxi Top:

A top that displays specially prepared graphics that allow the viewer to see different images depending on the angle at which they view it


A branded TiVo environment that displays and promotes an advertiser’s products and service through exclusive video content, graphics, text and opt-in engagements

Ad Exchange:

An electronic site where advertisers and agencies can research, bid, buy and deliver creative assets for media campaigns across desired digital ad platforms

RSS Enabled Content:

Commonly referred to as Really Simple Syndication, RSS Enabled signifies that the content is part of a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works in a standardized format

VEBA (Video Enabled Banner Ad):

A banner ad within the Rovi guide which provides customized interactive video content with one click of the remote

Road Block:

The option for advertisers to have 100% Share of Voice on a Rovi Interactive Programming Guide or a TiVo Pause campaign